Love doesn't die when a
loved one passes.
It is always held in your heart,
. . . . a precious gift
Memorial Celebrant San Diego

Change is coming in the way we are saying good-bye to people.  The conventional, non-personal funeral service will soon be a thing of the past.  Celebrants are offering their services and working with funeral homes to implement the new trend. As a Certified Celebrant, a compassionate and adept listener and one who is comfortable in a speaking role you may be sure that you are receiving the attention of someone who understands the grief process and is prepared to offer the very best service and guidance in the funeral industry.  I can’t take your grief away but I can walk with you and gently guide you through this difficult and emotional  time.  I derive fulfillment from the service and solace I can provide.  Allow me to be your voice in expressing your sorrow while providing you with a healing experience and creating a life legacy for your loved one, one story at a time because every life deserves to be remembered. Ceremony often speaks when words fail.

Who needs a Celebrant?

Families who:

  • Are not actively affiliated with a church or religious community
  • Identify themselves as “spiritual but not religious”
  • Are interested in an alternative to a traditional funeral service
  • Prefer a more personal, uplifting and joyous way of honoring their loved one’s life
  • Would like a Life Tribute experience in addition to a conventional funeral service
  • Desire a special graveside service or scattering of ashes at sea
Certified Memorial Celebrant San Diego

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