And if I go
while you're still here ..
know that I live on,
vibrating to a different measure
Memorial Celebrant San Diego Patrica Coleman

As a Funeral Celebrant and Life Tribute Professional I have been certified by the In-Sight Institute in Oklahoma City which provides the most comprehensive and sensitive training available in the funeral industry. With a calling and passion for what I do, I can provide you with a professional and meaningful alternative to the services of a religious leader or clergy person for an end of life tribute held in a venue other than a traditional place of worship. After meeting with your family and listening to you share personal remembrances, history and special moments in the life of the deceased, (who I choose to call the honoree) I will be able to create a warm personalized story as a unique life tribute, capturing their essence, personality, passions and life style. As the ceremony leader I can speak the words we have written or if you prefer, the family may choose someone else to deliver the eulogy. Other individuals are always welcome to participate in the service by offering personal memories, anecdotes, songs or stories about the honoree. This is a beautiful way to honor the memory of the one who has passed from your life so that you can begin to heal from your loss.

Certified Memorial Celebrant San Diego

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